Price list 2023/24

Introductional Polo lesson price 750kr

Season 2024 the membership fee will be 3500kr. 

If you pay before December 15th 2023, the member fee is only 3000kr

Support member fee still 500kr

If you want to become a new membrer and pay now the membership will be effective immediately 2023 and also 2024.

SEB Bg-nummer 5820-1310

Swish 1231401785

When paying please share your name and e-mail adress.


As a member at Öveds polo club you have free asses to club chukkas, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Stick and ball on the polo field (on your own) all days there is no practice, chukkas or events held from May – September (Weather permitting.)

Also free use of Woody, paddock, gallop loop and wonderfool hiking out tracks.


Training options and fees:

Our senior trainer Jack Shirley will be training the more experienced players. Susanna and Benny will start up new players. 

Price; 750kr or 250kr on your own horse.

You are allowed to take lessons for 3 months, after that you have to pay the member's fee to continue. 

Polo field rules
- Never ride or walk your horse outside of polo field (meaning Öveds Klosters property). If uncertain, please contact us (0701416092).
- If a ball exits the polo field, bring it back directly (but never ride or walk your horse outside of the polo field)
- Don’t ride on the field if it’s too soft, and don’t ride crazy. (Please don’t abuse the field. Otherwise, we will have stricter rules.)
- Always pick up after you and your horse, this rule goes everywhere on the facility property. 


Have fun and be safe!

Best Regards

Öveds Polo Club