Price list 2023

Membership 2500kr /year
Support member 500kr /year

SEB Bg-nummer 5820-1310

Swish 1231401785

When paying please share your name and e-mail adress.

Grass field access alternative 1:

-Grass field fee - 2500 kr/ year (to cover the total cost for renting of polo field/ year)

-Green fee (to cover running trimming costs) 100 kr / week


Grass field access alternative 2:

-Green fee 500 kr / each time entering the field.


Training options and fees:

- Instructional chukkas 100 kr

- Group training with Jack 200 kr


Stick and ball (on your own)

-All days there is no practice, chukkas or events held from May 1st – October 1st. (Weather permitting.)

 Polo field rules

  • Never ride or walk your horse outside of polo field (meaning Öveds Klosters property). If uncertain, please contact us (0701416092).
  • If a ball exits the polo field, bring it back directly (but never ride or walk your horse outside of the polo field)
  • Don’t ride on the field if it’s too soft, and don’t ride crazy. (Please don’t abuse the field. Otherwise, we will have stricter rules.)
  • Always pick up after you and your horse, this rule goes everywhere on the facility property.


Have fun and be safe!

Best Regards

Öveds Polo Club